Commentary on the New Affirmative Action Supreme Court Case

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week on a new affirmative action case starring Michigan (this time the state, not the University). Beverly Mann at Angry Bear has written up some excellent coverage, including an insightful account of the Court’s (and especially Scalia’s) shifting invocation of the 14th Amendment (is it only for minorities who lack political power? Or does it protect everyone?). As we learned in the current oral arguments, at least in this case, Scalia is certain that the 14th Amendment is not “only for the blacks.”

I left a long comment on one of the Angry Bear posts about the current state of the University of Michigan, and in particular the shifting class makeup of the student body in comparison to the UC system, which Mann was kind enough to promote up to its own post. Beyond that, I don’t yet have a lot to say about the current case except that it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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