Announcing the New Theme of ASA 2013!

During a chance encounter with our Dear Leader, ASA President Erik Olin Wright, I learned that the theme for ASA 2013 has been revamped. Following the immense success of this year’s Real Utopias, next year’s theme will continue Sociology’s collective speculation on the various futures of humanity. Here’s a sneak peak at the theme and logo:

ASA 2013 Theme

Logo design by Evan Hensleigh

When asked for his thoughts on next year’s somewhat darker theme, NU Sociologist Jim Mahoney commented “Brainnnns.”

Edit: New information, just in! Three “Unreal Dystopia” sessions have been announced. Political Scientist Charli Carpenter will give a keynote address entitled “Robot Apocalypse: Could it Happen Here?” Sociologists Tina Fetner, Brayden King and Theda Skocpol will lead a panel discussion on “President Palin’s America.” Finally, quantitative methodologists Morgan and Winship will lead an afternoon workshop, “Cyclical Graphs: The Darkest Timeline.”

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