Science Studies Folks, See you in Cleveland!


If you are going to the 4S/SHOT/HSS joint meetings in Cleveland this coming week, drop a comment and say hello! I am presenting a paper on Saturday morning, at 4S, from 10:30-12:00pm in the Savoy room in a panel on “The Paradoxes of Quantification.”

The paper is “Dequantifying Diversity: Affirmative Action and Admissions at the University of Michigan” and is co-authored with my UM colleague Fiona Rose Greenland and SUNY Buffalo sociologist Ellen Berrey. We examine the history of affirmative action at Michigan from the 1950s to 2004 (immediately following the Gratz and Grutter Supreme Court cases) to showcase a case of dequantification, that is, a process (undergraduate admissions) going from relying on an avowedly mechanical, objective points-based system to one that was intendedly more subjective, holistic and qualitative. The paper’s pretty excellent and the whole panel should be interesting.

See you in Cleveland! Now to try hard to get this fake tourism commercial out of my head:

(As featured in Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story!)



  1. andy

     /  October 30, 2011

    doesn’t “the paper’s pretty excellent” = “MY paper’s pretty excellent”?

    I kid, I kid! In all seriousness, I saw your paper that was presented on how American legal-institutional evolution (vis-a-vis Glass-Steagall) at Las Vegas ASA, and that paper was indeed excellent

    • In this case, it means “OUR paper’s pretty excellent” but apparently the plural possessive escaped me while I was writing this post. But yeah, this is my blog, so, I feel no shame about using it to toot my own horn here and there.

      Glad you liked the Glass-Steagall paper!

  2. Fun times in Cleveland today…

    Welcome to my head, parody song.

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