Shameless Self-Promotion (Or, Come Say Hi at ASA!)

This year’s annual meeting of the American Sociological Association is just a couple weeks away! I’m excited about the conference, although a bit less excited about the prospect of being in Las Vegas in mid-August. If you’re interested in saying hello, drop a comment on this post or find me at one of the following events (all inside Caesar’s Palace). If you’re interested in hearing my work, check out one of these two panels:

Saturday, 2:30-4:10pm, Regular Session. Social Theory III: Counterpoint readings. I’m presenting a paper on the “embeddedness debates” and in particular, on how Polanyi was not talking about the economy being embedded in society (whatever that is), but rather about the economy being embedded or disembedded in politics.

Sunday, 12:30pm – 2:10pm, Regular Session. Economic Sociology. The Culture and Politics of Markets. Co-author Russ Funk and I will be presenting a paper on the slow rolling back of the separation of commercial and investment banking in the 1980s and 1990s, with a focus on how commercial banks used three legal strategies to win the eventual complete repeal of the bill. Given our co-panelists, I think this whole session will be fantastic!

If you’d rather catch-up at a social event, don’t miss the Scatterplot Blogger Party! Commenters and lurkers welcome. That’s Sunday, 4:30-6pm at the Seahorse Lounge. I’ll also be at the Econ Soc section reception, Monday from 6-8pm at Tivoli’s.

Finally, I’m starting a term as a student representative to the Economic Sociology Section Council. I’m not yet 100% sure what section councils do (other than award section prizes and run the section panels), but I’ll let you know what I learn at the New Officer’s orientation, and the section council and business meetings.

Hope to see you all in Vegas!



  1. Michael Bishop

     /  August 3, 2011

    Hey Dan, I’ll definitely see you at the scatterplot party if not before.

  2. Oleg Komlik

     /  August 7, 2011

    Dear Dan,

    My name is Oleg Komlik, and from time to time I enjoy very much reading your very interesting and comprehensive blog.
    Lately, I opened a new facebook community of students and scholars interested and engaged in the fields of Economic Sociology and Political Economy.

    You are welcome to take a look and to join.

    all the Best,

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