Financial Crisis QOTD: Sweaty Banker Edition

Apologies for the light posting – work has picked up pace with the end of the semester approaching. Two of the projects I’m working on involve going through recent newspaper articles about the financial crisis looking for various things (reference to protests and discussions of the causal narrative of the crisis and the role of the law in that). Today I found an absolute gem in a NYT column by Sorokin from 2/10/09 (“Up Next For The Bankers: A Flogging”). He’s citing another columnist talking about the upcoming testimony by top bankers on the misuse of TARP funds and it’s golden:

”I want groveling,” wrote Patt Morrison, an op-ed writer at The Los Angeles Times, over the weekend, echoing a chorus of others. ”I want show-trial sweating and stammering. I want their nine-figure bonus checks endorsed over to the rest of us. I want my 401(k) money back. I want blood; I’m a vegetarian, but I’d make an exception for a smoking plate of C.E.O. en brochette.”

I too am a vegetarian, but I might make a similar exception.

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