Granovetter, Meet Foxworthy

These started as facebook status messages, but I thought folks here might enjoy them.

How do you know you’re an economic sociologist?

  • If you know the mean, median and modal number of director interlocks between Fortune 500 firms in 1990…
  • If you’ve added the word “embeddedness” to the spellchecker on more than 5 computers…
  • If your best paper ideas all come from NPR’s Marketplace
  • If you’ve ever debated alternative measures of network centrality for more than an hour…
  • If you read OrgTheory and Socializing Finance and this blog…
  • … you might be an Economic Sociologist.
    Add your own in the comments!



    1. Beth

       /  November 30, 2009

      If you think small talk with strangers includes discussing how financial models are more like engines than cameras.

    2. If you fret about the authority of economists, but they don’t fret about the authority of you.

    3. If you think there is nothing wrong with re-inventing the wheel, provided you quantified it.

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