ASA San Francisco Salutations

This blog now has 99 subscribers on Google Reader! I know it’s not a lot by the standards of the big boys over at OrgTheory or Scatterplot, but I’m extremely grateful to all of you for bothering to read my ramblings and offering your feedback. I’m betting a lot of you will be at ASA this year, so if we haven’t met in person, please say hello!

You can find me at the following places:
The PEWs pre-conference on Friday morning, as a discussant on a panel on Finance and Financialization (the papers so far are excellent!).
The Politics of Markets pre-conference at UC Berkeley in the afternoon on Friday, basking in the econ soc glow.
Presenting at a roundtable on Saturday, 10:30 am at the Parc 55 Hotel.
Attending the sure-to-be glorious 6th annual sociology blogger party on Sunday at 6pm at Johnny Foley’s Irish House.
And enjoying the joint Economic Sociology and Organizations, Occupations and Work section party and awards ceremony on Monday at 6:30pm at the Hilton.

Whew. ASA is going to be busy! But hopefully I’ll see you all at some of these events, or in the various panels and whatnot. I especially recommend the blogger party – commenters and lurkers welcome, but no trolls! The best part of the blogger party is the norm that faculty are each supposed to buy a grad student a drink. I recommend enforcing this norm with vim and vigor.

See you there!



  1. Really? Cuz I kinda want to go to the blogger party dressed as a troll now. My hair’s almost down to my waist; I wonder if I can get it all to stand on end, spray it down with some bright orange temporary hair color…

  2. Oh man, we should totally do a costume party next time!

  3. Anomie, I double-dog-dare you.

  4. I’m going to come as a lurker. I’ll be there, but I’m not going to speak…

  5. Haha, but, Tina – what if I run into people from schools I’m applying to? “I SWEAR I’m not really a troll! I’m actually quite reasonable! HIRE ME OR I WILL BEAT YOU WITH MY CLUB!!!”

  6. Gee, we had an opening last year — we were looking for someone to head our troll studies program. Bad timing.

    Costume or no, I really hate that I’m stuck here in the East and won’t be able to get to SF.

  7. AV

     /  August 28, 2009

    But … I am following you from Italy …

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