Just finished my econometrics exam. Remembering the formulae for estimators of the asymptotic variance of heteroskedastic models is not particularly pleasant, and we were not allowed a formula sheet. Thankfully, we have only one more exam left (the final), and that will be the last exam I have to take in a required course to get my PhD (I might end up taking more if I sit in on or take as electives more stats or macroeconomics). Coming out of the test, I kept thinking of this definition of econometrics:

“Econometrics is the art of putting hats on Greek letters.”*

I am not a particularly good haberdasher, but I think at least some of my hats fit. We’ll find out after break.

Oh wow, it’s break. That’s nice. Now I have time to work on my research! Also, it’s extremely nice to be feeling not sick anymore. Just in time too..

* Alternate, long version: “Econometrics is the subtle science and exact art of putting hats on Greek letters.”

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