The First Transport is Away*: ASA Edition

So, I submitted an essay to ASA late last night. This is my first submission to any kind of real conference. I spent the last week or so writing the essay (titled “The Emergence of the Macroeconomy: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GDP”), although it only really came together this weekend. As always, I wish I had more time and knew about ten times more than I do about the history of economic policy and economics and a host of other topics. Oh well. I’ll also be presenting a (hopefully updated, edited) version of this in the economic sociology workshop here at Michigan in March. Wish me luck on both accounts!

It’s strange to start the term off with a bout of finals-like paper writing. Between late night paper writing, the first full week of classes and the freakishly cold and snowy weather, this week has been exhausting. I think I need to take a break this coming week so that I don’t burn out before February break**.

Perhaps tomorrow I will update a new financial crisis bibliography. Everything else I’ve had to say recently is in the paper.

* Ok, so, a lot of this weekend was spent alternating between writing my paper and watching Episodes 4-6 of Star Wars that were playing in some sort of continuous loop on cable. These things happen.
** Michigan has very accurate names in its academic calendar. For example, our January-April term is called “Winter” not “Spring” and our end of February break is usually called “February break” and not “Spring break”.



  1. I also have Winter semester and February break, which we call Reading Week. K-12 school, however, has March break. That sucks.

  2. good luck! hope to see you in san francisco!

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