Bailout – Rated E for Everyone? No, M for Mature.

If you are interested in following the financial crisis and the government’s response and you are not yet reading LOLFed, start now. It’s hilarious, timely and insightful. Today’s post really takes the cake though:

We were actually kidding all those times we suggested everyone should go to Washington and beg for bailout money. Unfortunately, sarcasm is quite beyond Hustler’s Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis, who are doing just that. God willing, this will be the last time this blog ever links to TMZ.

The two of them are hitting up the new Congress for $5b in bailout money for the adult industry. Francis in particular has apparently found it quite expensive to visit college parties and trade drunken coeds a string of shiny beads and a waiver form for a brief glimpse of nipple or, if he is especially lucky, momentary lapses of heterosexuality.

Clearly, Flynt and Francis need to convert their respective companies into bank holding companies. Everybody’s doing it. Insert your own joke in the comments.

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