Can a sociology major make 6 figures? (Or, hello Google searchers!)

I don’t know about you, but I am always fascinated by the search terms that lead websurfers to my blog. For example, my post about Freakonomics gets a lot of hits (by my 50 hits on a decent day metric) from the search term “Freakonomics critique”, as that’s in the title of the post. Similarly, my indexed remix of Polanyi gets some traffic from “Polanyi embeddedness”. But sometimes surfers find my site through search terms that are really just sad… like “Can a sociology major make 6 figures?” (which somehow hits my blog on the second link. even before I post this).

So, in case this comes up again: Sure, it’s possible. Michelle Obama seems to have done well for herself, what with Harvard law and all. And Ronald Reagan never got a higher degree than his Bachelor’s in Economics and Sociology, and he made a fair bit of dough. But, I wouldn’t really recommend Sociology if you are trying to make 6 figures.

That is, unless the 6 figures you want to make are regression coefficients, descriptive statistics, 2×2 tables, Venn diagrams, path diagrams, and scatterplots. Then Sociology just might be the right place for you!



  1. Natalie

     /  November 21, 2008

    No way does this beat people finding your site by searching “dying alone”.

  2. Is that worse than the ones who come to my blog from Goggling “naughty pictures of 15 year olds” ?

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