Took my prelims today. Won’t find out the results for a couple weeks. I think they went ok, but we’ll see. During the exam, my computer’s monitor randomly shut itself off four times. The first time I swore rather loudly, thinking my computer had crashed. Oops. Later, I accidentally starting humming loudly and got snapped at (deservedly). Oh well. It’s over now.

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  1. Mine does that too. Power-save protocol, I expect.

    You’re wicked smart and know your stuff. I can’t imagine they didn’t go well, but the hazing ritual requires that you be picked at regardless. Good luck.

  2. During my GREs I had to go to the proctor four different times; I broke both my pencils, needed a bathroom break and couldn’t figure out how to pause it, accidentally moved onto the next section before i was done with the current one, and the last time was because I accidentally submitted the test. Luckily she was able to bring it back for me, but suffice it to say she was happy to see me go. It was horrible.

  3. Thanks Carl!
    That sounds awful, A. Did you have to retake the GRE?

    Also, as a random note for me: I was really proud of the title of my answer on performativity (which was a really nice softball question on the test), “Constructing an Essay, Performing Economic Sociology: The Historical Sociology of Performativity”. Am I a nerd, or what? 🙂 (Cf. MacKenzie and Millo 2003.)

  4. Congratulations, Dan! Now, on to the fun stuff…

  5. I probably should have, but my total score was high enough and I managed to get into grad school, so it all worked out.

    I did bomb the math section though.

  6. Congrats. I’m sure it went fine!

    I actually don’t remember actually writing my specialization exam. I have no idea if I wrote anything, or whether I’m just in a prolonged dream sequence.

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