Pokemon (Sociology Edition)

So, I had one of the nerdiest thoughts of my life the other day: imagining the debates between scholars and scholarly traditions in terms of battling Pokemon* (or maybe Final Fantasy characters). Ok, bear with me.

Imagine, if you will…

(Battle music begins to play, screen cuts to a shot of Marx posing angrily with beard.)
You have encountered MARX.
What Theorist will you use?
* Choose WEBER.
(Weber appears on screen, pen in hand.)
What will WEBER do?
* Choose “Iron Cage”.
MARX uses “Class Struggle”.
WEBER is strong against Historical Materialism! WEBER takes 1 damage.
WEBER uses “Iron Cage”.
MARX is weak against Culture! MARX takes 45 damage.
MARX is defeated!
(Battle music ends, as Marx fades from the screen, beard bloodied.)

Ok, it’d be hokey. But, also, awesome. No? Just me?

Edit: In the comments, Anomie helpfully points to Theory Trading Cards. I am imagining that but with a ccg set of mechanics. We could totally convert them. Hmm.

* I know, you are probably not that interested.



  1. You have seen the theory trading cards, right? Not quite there, but a step in the right direction. A few modifications on these suckers, maybe amp up the design a bit, and we’d be good to go.

  2. my kids played with pokemon and yu-gi-oh cards so your battle is highly amusing!

  3. They say that nothing is ever new, haha. I did a Karl Marx: Pokemon Master spoof back in 2011 and thought I was the cleverest thing since sliced bread. Just stumbled on yours today. 🙂

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