Embeddedness Made Easy (Polanyi Meets Indexed?)

With inspiration from indexed, xkcd and WickedAnomie, I present Embeddedness Made Easy (or, Polanyi Made Simple):

Polanyi Made Simple
(Polanyi 1944, 1947 before you get all Wikipedia on me. Speaking of which, I would love to make that protest sign sometime, maybe for an Intelligent Design or anti-Climate Science kind of presentation. Or, you know, a commencement speech. Whatever trips your trigger.)

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  1. Awesome. There should be a Sociology Made Simple book, with nothing but flow charts and Venn diagrams. It could be in cartoon, with little stick figure narrators or something.

    I dare you to make a ‘citation needed’ sign and hold it up at someone’s conference presentation at ASA. Though, for the benefit of your career, perhaps that should be done at a friend’s presentation 🙂 .

  2. Hm.. I think my friends are only doing roundtables this year… Although my old advisor might be giving a talk… She has a pretty excellent sense of humor – she very much liked the Voodoo doll for example.

    Maybe I could wear a Drek costume?

  3. Natalie K.

     /  July 9, 2008

    “Maybe I could wear a Drek costume?”

    Hey, I recognize that joke from a few weeks ago…

  4. Haha, yes! That would be hilarious if you did that to your old adviser! You could do it while wearing one of the shirts from Drek’s store

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